Terms and Conditions

1. Registration Fee

A one time fee of $70 US per individual is charged to those who enroll from outside Mexico. This fee is waived on your second and subsequent visits.

2. Tuition

Tuition and Home stay must be paid before your classes begin. We accept cash only, either in Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars. Should a student fail to attend classes for whatever reason or decide to drop out of a course, he or she will not be reimbursed for the pre-paid tuition.

3. Discounts

If you register for six o more weeks of tuition and you pay the entire fee before your fist class begins we are pleased to offer the following discounts: 5% on group classes, 10% on private classes.

4. Holidays

According to Mexican law, classes must be suspended in observation of officlally marked HOLIDAYS. Students will not be reimbursed for such days, except for those enrolled in private classes who will only be charged half of the regular-tuition. The days are March 21, September 16, November 20 , May 1, November 2, January 1.

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