Practical Spanish Course

for Social Workers

Group size

Small groups of 5 students maximum. Classes can be in-person or online.


We offer a flexible schedule according to the student’s availability.

(One hour and a half each week).


The in-person course’s duration is of one-week per level.

Group-class fee:

$190 USD (Non-refundable)


All levels. There will be a written test and an oral interview to evaluate the

students’ Spanish level.


Please contact the Director, Dr. Martha Canseco Bennetts

( to schedule your Spanish test and oral interview.


The topics will be determined according to the students’ needs and their work experience.

The following list has some examples of topics we cover:

Level 0 - Basic to intermediate Spanish

Level 1 - Advanced grammar and technical Spanish

The welcome, and the relationship with patients/clients

The first contact

Examination, admission and social diagnosis

1. Evaluation approaches:

a) For children

b) For teenagers

c) For adults

2. Questionnaires for diagnoses

3. Diagnosis criteria

Level 2 - Advanced grammar and technical Spanish

Treatment planning

1. Individual or group counseling

2. Family therapy

3. Face-to-face sessions

4. Training

5. Medication services

6. Coordination, arrangement, monitoring and evaluation of the multiple needs

of the case

7. Evaluation of dangerous situations of physical or mental abuse, domestic violence or any other situation that would put the client in danger

8. Therapy and treatment

9. Treatment after therapy